2017 Semester at UCM

Hello there this is my last year at the thrive program and this means that I am going to graduate from thrive. Even though I don’t get a deploma I will get a certificate of completion this means I have completed two years here at the UCM. I cant wait to see how much as I can grow into a woman into adulthood and have a good job who I can support my self throughout my life. I have met some great friends and mentors and teacher. I am so blessed that I have gotten a chance to be a part of a amazing program. I have a great support team here in Warrensburg. There is a teacher that is a big part of my life  and he taught me everything I know about independent life and more about my career choice. ALL of the people I have met doing the two years I have been here are my second extended family to me. I am so happy that I got this opportunity of a life time to be apart of this program. 

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