2 years since my grandfather died 

Hello there I can’t believe that it’s been two years since my grandfather died. I remember that he really enjoyed being with his family and he loves to be apart of the Dallas probate court. He was a judge and a lawyer. He has three daughters and a son. The day when passed away two years ago  everybody was mixed with emotions about him passing away.  He was blessed by his family and friends. He was my grandfather and there is a whole lot of information about him that I don’t know much of him before I got a chance to actually know him. There is a whole lot of things that I don’t know about him. I miss my grandfather and so does his daughters and his son and much more people of his family and friends. I know his family loves him and they know he is in a good place with God . My family is still mixed with emotions about him diying two years ago. I know he has blessed us in our hearts today. He will be missed by everyone he has  toughed in our hearts. He will be never be forgotten. I will always remember him and he knows how much I love him and his family and colleagues loved him. I hope he knows he impacted  us in a big way. I LOVE YOU GRANDFATHER. 

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