Life is about forgiveness!!!!!

Life is forgiving the little things that makes up our life. Do you forgive the people who hurt you? Or do you forgive the inexcusable bad people in your life causing you trouble? You need to forgive the people and carry on with your life. God is saying forgiveness is what we all need to do with what we have gone through in our life. You need just forgive and forget what happen. Pray is a one thing you can do to forgive yourself and start a new day. Tell the other people that they can forgive the little things that cause you to feel sad or mad . Forgiveness is what we neeed to do more because we all different from each other and we need to take good care of each other. Forgiving is hard to do but you know this is the right thing to do. Just dig in your heart and do it. Be comfortable saying I forgive you. Is apart of life. Just do it you know you will feel better afterwards saying your sorrow. 

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