Depression sucks 

Hello there. I am back to talk about why depression sucks and you feel different from the others. I was in a deep depression and didn’t think that my life is going anywhere. Then I wrote a suicide note and have feelings about killing myself. Then a day that could change me into my old self . I was drag to room to room then to the hospital because of my suicide note. The teacher I had Mr B and two of the mentors know including my parents all know about it. Then I was talking to a counselors and two cops about it. Then yesterday I was out of the hospital and now finding a place to talk my feelings out instead of killing yourselve. So never go through depression it’s hard to go through but it still a part of life we all have to go through. This had impacted me in a way that I would never want to go back. I suggest to you guys is to take each moment by the horns and grab it . Never give up on what you believe in. Good luck. 

Thanks for reading 

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