My Love For Volunteering

How many of you like to give back by volunteering? I have been volunteering practically my entire life. I love every little bit. I have a passion to make a difference and by volunteering my time is great for me to make a difference. I volunteer all around Dallas and Waxahachie. I am on a board of best buddies advisory board and a global ambassador for best buddies. I will do anything to volunteer more and more. I love volunteering and it is a great blessing for me. It breaks my heart to see people struggling. If there is a way i make a difference in every people i will. Since I was young I knew I want to make a difference. I helped my church with the Austin Street Shelter helping them during Christmas and thanksgiving dinners. This was my first time volunteering with my family. I told my parents that I want to keep volunteering in any way. So my mom made some phone calls and got me into more volunteering opportunities. Ever since I keep volunteering in places that need my service help. You will see me in different roles volunteering. You will never find me if you try I am quick on my feet and very determined.

Have you ever volunteered before? if so what is it? I love to know what you have down for volunteering. How long have you volunteered there and why do you love to volunteer? And why do you think that volunteering is so important?

2023 New Year

Happy new year, I hope you all have an excellent start. I can’t believe it’s just the beginning of a new year. It’s finally here 2023 has just now begun. It has one crazy year we have experienced last year. I don’t know about you but I am ready to make this year as memorable as possible. I want to make many memories as possible and try things outside of my comfort zone. I want to push myself to do more challenging things while having rewarding experiences. I am already working on one of my main goals for this year. I have to say this I am crushing it so far. My main goal is to have a healthier lifestyle.

Who in your life wants to have a healthier lifestyle ? or a main goal you want to accomplish this year? I don’t believe in resolutions, I only believe in improving myself with goals. Do you believe in Resolutions? if so why is that? What is the reason we want to make resolutions? Is this a new verbiage for making goals?

I believe that Resolutions and goals are the same. Resolution is a fancier term for goals. Which one sounds better? “Making Resolutions or making goals? I like the sound of making goals. But that is my opinion. What is your opinion on what sounds better? Let us make this a poll. What percentage of people like the sound of making resolutions? and what percentage likes the sounds making Goals?

Again Happy New Year of 2023

26 Things I Like About Myself

Today is my 26th birthday, this morning I told myself I was going to write 26 things I like about myself. Then the next thought that cross my mind was “I wonder if there was a way to share the 26 things I like about myself list with people who don’t know how to express themselves with gratitude. Then suddenly I had an idea to write my list on my blog. Here are the 26 things I like about myself.

  • I like my intelligent mind and how it works in my daily life
  • I like giving back to the community
  • I like how I am a good friend/daughter/ sister/ETC
  • I like how I am devoted to my work and passion
  • I like that I care for the poor and the needy
  • I like being the best self as I can be
  • I like being an advocate
  • i like being a part of a community
  • I like how am I so smart and driven
  • I like taking good care of My family and others
  • I like having a career to take me to new heights
  • I like being around positive people
  • I like showing my imperfections
  • I like being around animals of all sorts
  • I like how I am a drama queen/sassy/ and my spunky
  • I like being entertained
  • I like dancing, music, singing in my shower
  • I like fashion, writing in my blog, I like reading books
  • I like being a movie star
  • I like bob my dog
  • I like who I am
  • I like living with down syndrome
  • I like changing my style up
  • i like my messiness
  • I like living at daymark living
  • I like celebrating the birth of Jesus christ

Unmet Expectations

How many of you have unmet expectations? You carry your unmet expectations wishing to meet them. But you don’t even get close to meeting them most of the time. How many expectations have you carried throughout your life? I bit it a lot. I have my own unmet expectations. I have put my unmet expectations before putting my own needs ahead. This has made some irresponsible things lashing out because i have enough carrying all of my unmet expectations. I do these things because I put this before my own needs and this conflicting with my actions. Carrying these unmet expectation is making my life very difficult for me. I hurt my friends here at Daymark because of i put these unmet expectations on them and it’s putting them in a very difficult positions. If any people from Daymark reading this I am truly sorry for putting you guys in a very difficult positions i put you in. I have to many of unmet expectations coming all paths of my life. I need to let them go and not make anymore unmet expectations. This has making my lifestyle very difficult and hard for me. I want to be free from all of this. As in the new year of 2023 I want to free myself from my unmet expectations while also defeating my bad behaviors and outbursts. I want to start the new year with good healthy lifestyle. My main goal for the new year is to focus on making the right decisions for me. Also gaining trust in my parents. One of my unmet expectations is doing the things my parents wants me to do but actually i don’t. That is because they have a very perental way to communicate with me. I always do the opposite decisions they want me to do. This is my way of unmet out because i have the expectations of my parents always taking care of things for me. This is what is called “codependency”. I codependent own my own parents because i know ow they will do everything for me. I take this for granted and i do things that is losing trust in them. I fully understand how my actions and my decisions taking control on my parents life. I wish i can tell them with my words how much i take granted of them and i am truly sorry . This is hard for me to tell them in my own words and this because i feel like they don’t know how much they understand me well . I get caught up with my words and i cry. I sometimes don’t want to cry and that’s why i don’t prefer to say it in my own voice . I know i will cry on the phone and when they hear my cry they want to cry. All of the heartache i put on them is making me want to lose them. I know they are thinking how and why we raise my own daughter this way. Without a doubt i don’t want them to second think on how they think they raise me to be. I am not sure they know how much i take things to heart and i try to listen to them. I love them so much. Both my mom and dad is my hero in my life also i don’t forget my brother. My whole family is my hero and inspiration.

What is your own unmet expectations? please leave a comment one unmet expectation and explain why.

The Carrigan family’s early Christmas gift

Hi there, Taylor “my brother”, Amber “His girlfriend”, and my mom and I came down to Saint Maarten Island for our Christmas vacation we go on every year. we chose Saint Maarten because My mom and I went to a fundraiser for the Ability Connections organization and won a trip to Saint Marteen island. To be more specific we went to Cupecoy Beach club. We have a three-bedroom, living space, and great views of the ocean. This is one of my favorite trips I have taken with my family plus his girlfriend. We spend our days at the beach and zip line across the forest. Which is kinda amazing. usually, we all go out to eat for dinner at one of the best restaurants in town. I have to admit that I feel like my family has come together on this trip. Here are some of the pictures we have taken.

Animal Cruelty

I was at a local police station to listening into a background interview. I heard something distrubbing. I heard Animanl Cruelity has gone sky rocketing high. I don’t understand why this is happenning to our animals. Do you ever consider thinking why people who wants to be so crule to inocient animals. It makes me so angry and anpyed that this still happening. I love all kinds of animals and it hurts me to see this happening all across this country. I can’t fathom people sunk to this level and no one is not wanting to speak up about this. Its time to start talking about this and to stop this cruelty. Lets be on the side to keep our animals away from this abuse. I have dogs and i see alot of conversations about this on social media and even by word of mouth. I crince when i am around these conversations. I am for animal shelters with honesty and trustworthy to save our animals. Please help me take away animal cruelty. Who is willing to speak up and help me stop this. Lets be on the right side of making a difference in our animals lives.

November is here

It’s that time of the year when you get out your Turkeys, pies, and of course the stuffings. You know what I am talking about right? It’s Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, because It’s the only day I can get overstuffed with turkey, pies, and stuffing. I also love to be around my family and give thanks for the things I am grateful for. (By the way, I am writing before thanksgiving because I want this blog post covers the whole of November.)

I do this because November is the month for giving thanks and it is not just for Thanksgiving, it’s the entire month to give thanks and to be grateful. This is getting us ready to celebrate the one and only birthday of Jesus Christ. He wants us to get into the mindset to praise him. Giving thanks is allowing us to train our brains, letting the brain grow and develop a pattern to automatically give thanks to the things we take for granted. It goes hand to hand with thanksgiving & Christmas, both of them is allowing us to train our brains to do every day in our lives. I can’t wait for this holiday season ahead.

What I hope for this holiday season is to stay in the spirit of praising the lord and to be with my loved ones. I hope I can stay in the present not letting stress take over my body and mind.

I love the cozy atmosphere of cooler wheater and blankets, comfy clothes, and being around the fireplace. I can see it in my head right now (how strange is that?) Seeing me around the fireplace sipping my coffee and reading a classic book. I love this feeling and I wish this could happen every day of the year. But sadly, it’s not. I can do it for part of the year .

What do you want me to write about this holiday season? I can also answer your questions and give your gift advice if this is what you guys want.

Thanks for reading

Learning New Things Every day

I decided to reexamine my mind, and guess what I found? I learn that every day I learn something new, something exciting, or a fun fact. This morning I learn to stay in the present and enjoy every moment that came with it. I also learned recently, I like to walk on a trail in the evenings is relaxing and calming. I loved to take in the surroundings and enjoy this weather. It’s the perfect walking weather. I learn a lot about the emotions behind my thinking process and how this can reflect on the actions of my daily interactions. Therefore, my interaction can come out when not expected, and this might come out in a harsh and mean tone. I realize I need to take a second to think about it before I say something.

Every time I get a chance to reflect on what is going good in my life. By doing this I can use this mindset to push me forward to do things I never do. I try to make myself do something I never do because I want to enjoy my life and do something unusual and spontaneously live like there is no tomorrow. I want to make my mark on this earth knowing i made a difference in this world and also having some sort of an impact on earth. By learning new things can make you think differently and wonder what else can I do to make every day count.

My advice about learning something everyday, is to use learning as a tool to make your life even better. By doing this, you can see something you never knew about. I try to use every day to make new experiences and make great relationships with.

I leave you with a quote from myself. Think to yourself what are the things you want to see in your future. Then just do it right now. Live outside the box and never give up on the things you want and desire. Just go for it.

Why Fall is one of my favorite seasons

Do you smell the faint scent of pine trees and punkins? Do you see the leaves changing colors? Do you feel the fresh breeze all around you? Finally, the summer has come to a close. No more sweating, No more complaining about how hot we are. Now, we can enjoy the breeze and get cozy in our sweaters and blankets while drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte. I can imagine I am on a couch drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte while reading my book. Personally, this is my favorite time to read books and lounge around in my comfy clothes. I love the smell of lattes, books, and fires. This is my first time experiencing fall living in daymark living. I can’t wait to see the leaves changing colors ad feel the breeze on my face. I hope this fall brings me peace and serenity. It will be interesting to see what daymark does for the fall and the holiday seasons. It’s time to get out your Pumpkins and all of your Fall decorations. Welcome to Fall.

Do you learn something new each day?

I am learning new things every day. I realize that every time I wake up, I feel positive and happy. I think that is because here at daymark living in themorning is super quiet. I like it because I can enjoy my coffee and catch up on my reading and read the bible. I think that is one positive thing about livingat daymark living. I recently got told by a friend that I keep saying negativethings about daymark and its restrictions and rules which I don’t like. Thanks to a very wise friend he pointed out that I keep being negative about daymark. So, I decided that I will try to point out each day one positive thing about the place. Sometimes, it’s hard to think one positive thing because it feels like I don’t have a say on things and the restrictions comes to play. On those days I just keep saying to myself “just keep pushing through the day and when I come back to my cottage I can just collapse in my bed and sleep it off.” This saying helps me go through the bad days I am in. This gives me to stay on track and to lean on god to help fix things for me. I try to learn one new thing each day. Which sometimes can be hard to do. But I lean more on to god to give me one positive thing to think about. Today, I learn to enjoy being alone in my cottage and to be ok to not always depend on my friends to hang out with. Sometimes, I need some me time. Before I hated me time because I like to be social throughout the day. Now, today I am learning to enjoy me time to Detach from everyday things I overthink about. What about you? Do you learn new things each day?